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Municipal elections 2023


Dear fellow citizens,

The CSV Mersch always knew how to convince through consistency, internal cohesion, closeness to the citizens, reliability in the coalition and driving force in the implementation of the coalition agreement. All major and many other files were already tackled in the first two years with a CSV majority in the Council of Aldermen, thus setting the course for the development of our municipality.

The almost magical figure of 10,000 inhabitants was exceeded in 2022, so that the number of seats in the municipal council will also increase from 13 to 15 and a third Alderman will complete the council. In view of the growing tasks and the multitude of projects, this is certainly an important step, but it also requires a different internal organisation. The CSV Mersch is ready to face all challenges with its competent and motivated team and to continue to assume great political responsibility.

You will not find empty phrases and unrealistic promises in our programme, nor attacks on political opponents. In the past years, the Mersch municipal council has always treated each other with respect and cooperation, and the CSV Mersch will continue to do so in the years to come.
The CSV Mersch stand for less conversation and more action.

We will not list in this programme all the initiatives, syndicates, agreements, projects, financial aid or commitments that are now part of the vita of our community. All this will be continued, adapted where necessary and improved where possible for the benefit of the citizens or the common good. We have also abstained from the much discussed „gendering“ in this programme, meaning all people who live in our community, regardless of their gender. Because for the CSV everybody matters.

For all that is already planned or that we would like to implement, we naturally need the financial means. The low debt burden of the municipality and the prudent planning of the past years allow us to now tackle these projects with determination. With your support we are shaping the municipality of tomorrow.

Video: Méi no. Méi Miersch.

Nelson Costa

42, Warehouse manager, Reckange

Nelson Costa is 42 years old and lives in Reckange.

Nelson works as a catenary warehouse manager for the Luxembourg railways. He also defends the rights of his colleagues as a trade unionist for Syprolux.

As a child and teenager, he played football for FC Marisca. He never lost his passion for football and stayed on for another 20 years, this time as a referee.

During his teenage years, he also joined the Beringen youth club. He was involved in several other local associations, including 5X Beringen. A link that he still maintains today as an active member.

Very active in the associative world, he knows the world of voluntary work well. It is therefore quite natural that he became involved in CSV Mersch.

With his experience, Nelson understands the difficulties of the associations of Mersch and through his commitment in politics, he will be able to develop new ideas how the municipality can best support them.

Michael Engbork

60, Solution delivery manager, Rollingen

Michael “Mik” Engbork is 60 years old and moved to Rollingen in 2003.

Mik works for CFL multimodal as a solution delivery manager and is a trained LEAN six sigma blackbelt.

He joined CSV Mersch in 2009 and has held several mandates over the years. He has also been president of CSV international, member of the CSV national committee and council. He is currently a member of the municipal advisory council for Information and has been president of the Integration council since 2011

Mersch has become his home and as a foreigner in Luxembourg, he believes it is important to integrate and contribute by participating in the democratic process to make a positive difference for all who live here.

In his spare time, he volunteers with the Rugby Club Luxembourg, where his three children play rugby, and is a board member of the Luxembourg Rugby Federation. He is also an avid filmmaker and enjoys giving back to the community by creating videos that help local sports clubs attract more members and motivate kids to play more sports.

Mik has been living in Luxembourg since 1997 and is in the progress of attaining Luxembourgish citizenship

Heng Friederich

54, Postman, Beringen

FRIEDERICH Heng, a 54-year-old resident of Mersch who has been living in Beringen for over 40 years. He is married to Marianne Schintgen, and they have a 21-year-old son named Bob. Heng works as a postman in Beringen and Essen.

In his younger years, Heng was very active in various clubs in Mersch, including music, scouts, football, and the Amicale 5x Beringen. Now that his son has moved out of the house, he has more free time to get involved in the community. Aside from his involvement in Kiwanis, Heng is also interested in participating in local politics.

During his free time, Heng enjoys watching football, walking his dog, working in his garden, and pursuing his passion for cooking.

As someone who is in daily contact with the citizens of Mersch, Heng believes that the development of the municipality should not be stagnant in terms of environmental and climate protection. He considers himself a man of the people and is committed to working towards creating a sustainable future for his community.

Pascal Geisen

62, Retired, Beringen

Pascal Geisen is 62 years old, a retired history teacher, married to Wolfgang Frank and is in couple since 22 years.
In 1997 he moved from Helmsange to Beringen. He taught at the Lycée Technique in Ettelbruck and at the Sportlycée in Luxembourg. He was well appreciated by his pupils.
In Mersch he is a member of the “Geschichtsfrënn vun der Gemeng Miersch”, for which he has already participated in numerous publications and exhibitions. He is also a member of the committee of “Gaard an Heem” in Beringen and co-organiser of the “Klenge Maart vu Biereng”. He is a member of the integration commission of the municipality of Mersch as well as of the social commission and is very interested in social and senior citizen issues. He is president of the equal opportunities commission.
Being retired, Pascal loves to walk with his 2 dogs in the company of his husband through the forests of Mersch and surroundings. He still enjoys history and likes to read specialised magazines, biographies and historical novels.
His hobbies include gardening, travelling in Asia, decorating and Thai silk.

Luana Gengler

21, Student, Rollingen

Luana Gengler is a 21-year-old student from Rollingen/Mersch.

She completed her elementary school in Mersch. She started her secondary studies in the Sportlycée and then changed to the art section of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers. Here she is graduating from high school this year.

She is known in many places because of her sports activities (Karate National Squad/Walfer) and scouting (Les Loutres-Mersch) activities.

As a talented athlete, she has traveled a lot internationally with the national team. She has been honored many times nationally as well as on communal planfor her good sporting achievements, which also gives her the necessary experience to be very useful to the community in the sports field.

In her spare time, she also volunteers at national and international karate tournaments as a coach or as a staff member. She loves to combine sports with nature and therefore enjoys hiking and climbing. One of her other passions is that of creating, drawing and designing, which she would like to continue in her aspiring studies of architecture.

Luana is determined, motivated and dedicated.

It is important to her that young ideas are heard and that the community is shaped in a future-oriented way.

Nelson Costa

Michael Engbork

Heng Friederich

Pascal Geisen

Luana Gengler

Fränk Kraus

29, Assetmanager, Mersch

Fränk Kraus is 29 years old, grew up in Mersch and lives there with his wife.

He works as an asset manager in the field of renewable energies. Through his training as an electrical technician, master electrician and his specialist studies in accounting and taxation, the topics of sustainability, economic development and the digitalisation of community services are very important to him.

In his spare time, he plays basketball for Black Star Mersch and also enjoys attending other sporting, cultural and civic festivities. Fränk is motivated, hard-working and open-minded. He works pragmatically and solution-oriented.

Linda Lamri

45, Bank employee, Mersch

Linda Lamri is 45 years old and has been living in Luxembourg since 2008. She moved to Mersch with her partner and 2 children at the end of 2020.

She has been working in the financial sector since 2001 and decided to get involved in politics within the CSV Mersch in order to contribute to the development of the town and share her experience and know-how with the community.

Linda is very involved with the most needy and has been doing voluntary work in her free time since she was very young. With her commitment to the CSV Mersch, she intends to invest in her city and contribute to the development of the city and to the support of its inhabitants.

Michèle Lorang

56, Special education teacher, Rollingen

Michèle Lorang, resident of Rollingen, 56 years old, married and mother of two sons and one daughter.
Michèle is a special education teacher at the Centre de Logopédie, the center of competences for speech, hearing and communication in Luxembourg. She is a lecturer at IFEN (Institut de Formation de l’Éducation Nationale) and accompanies teachers in their traineeship. Working with students, their parents and teaching staff around the topics of language, learning, school, education and inclusion are thus part of her everyday life. Michèle completed her doctorate in this area, which is why these topics are also one focus of her political commitment.
In the municipality of Mersch, Michèle is a member of the School Commission and the Festival Committee. As president of the Information Commission, she works to ensure easy access for all citizens to information on various topics through various channels.
Michèle spends her free time jogging and reading, working in the garden and enjoying nature.

Claudine Mendes

45, Executive assistant, Mersch

Claudine MENDES, also known as Claudine PORTELADA. She is a 45-year-old executive assistant who is married and has two children. Claudine grew up in Mondorf-les-Bains, and since 2003, she has been living in Mersch. Her hobbies include cooking, baking, reading, spending time with her family and friends, and taking her dog for walks. She is also an active member of Table Tennis Reckange, where she enjoys assisting with matches and tournaments.

For Claudine, volunteering and working as part of a team are essential. She believes that the quality of life for children, youth, and parents in her community is vital, which is why she decided to get involved in politics. She believes that the quality of living spaces goes beyond just houses and apartments; it also encompasses public places, communal areas, green spaces, centrality, diversity, and proximity.

Claudine is committed to ensuring that Mersch remains attractive and positive in the minds of its residents, especially the youth who will play a crucial role in the community’s development. She believes that by working together, you can create a thriving and prosperous community where everyone feels welcomed and valued

Letizia Menei

57, Retired, Rollingen

Letizia Menei is 57 years young, married, a family person and mother of a 21-year-old daughter, and also has two adorable dogs. She lives in Rollingen since almost 30 years.

She worked in the financial sector. Here she was additionally involved in the staff delegation as an equal opportunities delegate and rescue aid.

As a former sportswoman and mother of a competitive athlete, she has been involved in sport for most of her life, so it was obvious for her to get involved in the municipaliy of Mersch. Letizia is a member of the Sports and Equal Opportunities Committees. She is a committee member of the Walfer Karate Club and takes care of the technical finances of the club. Until recently, she was also a member of the FLAM (Fédération des Arts Martiaux Luxembourg) Karate section.

Since 2022, Letizia has retired so that she can focus more on socialising and on her passions and hobbies. She appreciates living in harmony with nature, loves gardening and photography, and enjoys walking her dogs with her husband Marc.

For her, retirement is no reason to stand still, which is why she continues to educate herself in many ways and has recently graduated in naturopathy as well as being a first aider in mental health.

Fränk Kraus

Linda Lamri

Michèle Lorang

Claudine Mendes

Letizia Menei

Romain Miny

67, Retired, member of municipal council, Mersch

Romain Miny is 67 years old and lives in Mersch. He is married and has two grown-up daughters. Romain was elected to the local council six years ago and is a man with a strong social vocation. He is very familiar with societal issues and has been involved as chairman of the social and senior citizens’ commission with its members to provide for the needs of the poorest. He is also a member of the Fairtrade group in the municipality and our party representative on the ZAMID (Zone d’Activités Mierscherdall) committee. He is also the municipality’s representative on the board of the Mierscher Kulturhaus. We live in a complex world. Many people are overwhelmed and worried, even anxious. Romain sees it as his duty to help these people by creating an inclusive social environment. He does not promise the impossible, but commits himself to things that are necessary and feasible. Romain is an active member of the Syndicat d’Initiative et du Tourisme, of Amiperas, whose activities have decreased significantly over the last three years due to the pandemic. Romain is also a committed member of a service club. In his spare time, he reads a lot and cultivates an interest in modern art.

Tim Reding

24, Student, Mersch

Tim Reding is from Mersch and is 24 years old. He is currently doing a traineeship in Paris to complete his Master 2 in European law. For the last five years, he has studied law at the University of Montpellier, in the south of France.

He had the opportunity to actively participate in the CELM (Cercle des étudiants luxembourgeois à Montpellier), of which he was president for one year. At the same time, he was a member of the board of ANELD (Association nationale des étudiants luxembourgeois en droit) for two years and sports secretary of the Tennis Club Mersch for more than a year. An active member and long-time saxophonist of the Mierscher Musek, he has also been co-organiser of the youth stage since 2022.

For him, the areas of culture, sports and associations are currently focal points of municipal policy, as they played a particularly important role in his childhood and youth, and he is convinced that he has grown up here completely satisfied largely because of this. This is why he now wants to work to ensure that these good conditions are maintained and further developed, so that children, young people and adults can live here filled with pleasure and happiness in the long term.

Michel Reiland

60, PE teacher, 1. deputy of the municipality, Mersch

Michel Reiland is 60 years old, married and has two daughters. He lives in Lohrbierg in Mersch. A physical education teacher by training, Michel works at the International School Anne Beffort in Mersch.

He has been a member of the local council since 2009 and has been an alderman for the past 12 years. He is responsible for education, youth, sport, culture, information, equal opportunities, social affairs and senior citizens. Given the first three areas, it is not surprising that Michel became president of Fit Kanner Miersch more than 10 years ago.

Basketball has dominated Michel’s life for a long time, he was a player and national coach for 20 years and is now vice-president of the Luxembourg Basketball Federation. He is also responsible for the training of basketball coaches in Luxembourg.

As vice-president of the inter-municipal association for the preservation of nature SICONA Michel knows very well that it is necessary to respect nature while developing the community. And for this development of a modern municipality, it is necessary to think of all citizens, young, old, Luxembourgers and foreigners. That is why Michel will always commit himself to a fair policy for all citizens!

Abby Toussaint

46, Real estate agent, member of municipal council,, Mersch

Abby Toussaint is 46 years old and has lived in Mersch for just as long. He is married and has worked for 30 years in his parents’ business, which he took over in 2000 and expanded since then.

He has been a local councilor for 12 years, including 2 years as a lay assessor. In this role he campaigned for environmental issues, safety and the creation of more social housing.

As president of the SIDERO wastewater association, he knows what it means to run a public company with over 90 employees and a big budget and how to prepare it for the future.


He sees politics as an opportunity to serve the community and positively influence the development.

That he is part of the organizing team of Mir si Miersch is therefore just as non-surprising as his involvement as president of the Mersch tourism and initiative association.

In his free time, he is involved in a service club for disadvantaged children and enjoys the beautiful nature of our community with his dogs.

Henri Wagener

40, Political advisor CSV, Beringen

Henri Wagener is 40 years old and moved to Beringen a year ago with his partner.

Henri is an economist by training and works as a political advisor for the CSV parliamentary group.

He feels very much at home in the municipality of Mersch and through his political involvement wants to ensure that Mersch remains a beautiful and livable municipality. Henri wants to accompany the growth of the municipality and ensure that the infrastructure for sports, childcare and traffic is up to the expectations of the citizens.

Henri also wants to contribute to a better integration of the new inhabitants of Mersch, with the help of the Commune and the local associations.

In his spare time Henri likes to travel and bake and he enjoys walking in the countryside with his dog.

Romain Miny

Tim Reding

Michel Reiland

Abby Toussaint

Henri Wagener