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Our section of Mersch

This is our section of mersch

In the geographical centre of Luxembourg, our section is at the heart of society. For many years, our party has been responsible for the community of Mersch. Our aldermen, councillors and members who are represented in the commissions have played a decisive role in shaping politics in Mersch. We are contesting the municipal elections on 11 June 2023 with a competent and dynamic group and hope for your support.


President: Romain Miny

Vice-President: Ed Monen

Secretary: Pol Schaus

Treasurer: Denise Clerf

Hubert Ahles
Michael Engbork
Pascal Geisen
Christiane Haubrich-Schandeler
Claude Hilgert
Paul Hoffmann
Willy Kass-Fandel
Aline Koob-Berns
Michèle Lorang
Raymond (dit Remy) Offermann
Christian Pauly
Guy Pauly
Michel Reiland
Fernand Sauer
Camille Schroeder